Mask Mandate To Be Ended In Texas And Mississippi

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Heartbeat Ban

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, made an announcement with regard to the mask mandate in the state. The announcement came this Tuesday. This decision comes against the warnings of the health officials. They had stated that this was not the right time to ease the safety restrictions.

The Texas governor made a bunch of other announcements as well. It was carried out in an event called the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. He rescinded most of his executive orders given by him starting with the mask mandate.

Mask Mandate No Longer Required?

The 63-year-old Governor stated that all kinds of businesses would be allowed to open completely. He gave a specified date for the day that was the 10th of March. He mentioned his reason behind him taking this bold decision. He stated a couple of issues that followed the lockdown. He claimed that he did this to bring an end to the small businessmen who faced a great downfall owing to the lockdown. He wanted to help them in paying their bills. He also mentioned that several Texans had lost employment opportunities. Therefore, the panacea to all of these problems was to open the state to 100%.

Greg Abbot is not the only one to take such a step. The same has been announced by Tate Reeves, the governor of Mississippi. He stated that the mask mandates were to be ended. Also, all the business are to be allowed to function completely. The announcement came on this Tuesday and will be out in effect on Wednesday.

The mayor of Austin, the capital city of the state of Texas, Steve Adler, gave a statement following the announcements. He expressed his disagreement with regard to the announcement. He spoke on it on Tuesday.

Mayor Adler claimed that given the circumstances it was not the right decision to do so. He also mentioned a letter he wrote along with Andy Brown, the judge of Travis County. They wrote to the governor in order to reconsider his decision with regard to the mask mandate and everything that followed.

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