Clarence Thomas’ Stance On Some Major Legislations

Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas, the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America joined a group of dissent concerning the case of Roe vs Wade. This was done after almost a year of him taking over the bench. As per the dissent, the landmark opinion that was derived in the case was termed to be wrong and constitutionally invalid. The statement of Clarence Thomas over the years was that there was the absence of a constitutional basis of Roe. The abortion precedents of the court were also termed to be “grievously wrong” by him.

Clarence Thomas’ Views

The Associate Judge also went on to challenge the Second Amendment of the constitution. He accused some of his colleagues as well as the lower courts of not paying any heed to the right to bear arms. He stated it to be one of the disfavoured rights. The 72-year-old Justice is waiting for a new season currently.

He is waiting for a court that will have a conservatory majority of 6-3. The justices of the court agreed that they will be hearing a case in the next term. They will also be hearing a case for the second amendment that might have a result on gun rights. It might get expanded. And there is a high chance for Clarence Thomas, the longest-serving court member, to find a majority.

The justice has continued to cultivate the jurisprudence of his for all these years. As of now, Clarence Thomas has managed to stay for a long time to witness a shift in so many areas, they include the areas of Second Amendment, abortion, the rights related to voting and the act of affirmation. As far as abortion is concerned, the judge joined hands with the liberal ones in order to protest the abortion law in Louisiana. This action of his shocked the conservatives.