Rudy Giuliani’s Electronics Seized By The Federal Prosecutors

Lev Parnas
Lev Parnas

A total of 18 electronic devices that belonged to Rudy Giuliani got seized. It was done by the federal prosecutors. The office and house of the former mayor of the city of New York got raided. The raid took place in the month of April. It is to be noted that all this information was derived from one of the new filings of the court. 

Rudy Giuliani’s Devices Examined 

The letter that was filed publicly previously, came with a number of redactions. The date of the letter was the 29th of April. The new filing comes with a lot fewer redactions. It gives an idea with regard to the investigative steps of the government as compared to the first one. It states that a number of electronic items were seized from the apartment of Rudy Giuliani. And not all of those items belonged to the former mayor. Some of those were of his partners and the ones who worked under him.

The letter does not specify the precise number of people. The former Governor belonging to the Republican party had revealed some information on the platform of one of the popular news channels. It had been stated that a total of eight electronic devices were seized by the FBI while they raided his apartment as per the warrant.

Robert Costello, the attorney of Rudy Giuliani, too gave an insight on the raid. It was stated that a laptop had also been taken by the FBI. However, it did not belong to Guliani. It was his assistant’s. The specialists of the government have completed the download of a total of eleven devices of Robert Giuliani as per the filing. The remaining have are those that are protected by passwords.

The assistance of the accused has been asked to provide the passwords in order to unlock them. Whatever has been revealed until now, states that covert search was carried out on the iCloud account of Robert Giuliani in the year 2019. His lawyers are making the argument that the search was not a legal one.