Heartbeat Ban Bill Legitimized In The State Of Texas

Heartbeat Ban
Heartbeat Ban

Greg Abbott, the governor of the state of Texas, signed the abortion bill called the “heartbeat ban” into law. This incident took place this Tuesday. The law puts a ban on most abortions if there is a fetal heartbeat. The heart of the fetus starts to beat when a woman is six months pregnant. And there is a very little chance of people knowing that they are pregnant when they are just six months pregnant. 

Heartbeat Ban Bill Supported By Governor Greg Abbott

The Texas governor gave a statement with regard to his decision concerning the heartbeat ban. Greg Abbott talked about the importance of the right to life while he made his argument. Through his statement, the governor from the Republican party tried to justify his actions of legitimizing the abortion bill. It was stated that the right to live was endowed to all human beings by God himself. However, this was something that was negated due to abortion. He also stated that millions of new life were destroyed due to these actions.

Abbott added that that is something that would not take place in the state of Texas following the heartbeat ban bill. So many lives would now be saved from now on. As per the requirements stated under the abortion bill, anybody who seeks an abortion will have to follow a number of procedures. They will first have to check the heartbeat of the fetus. If it is found then they will not be allowed to carry out the procedure. The heartbeat ban bill also provides a few exceptions like some medical emergencies, then that will be the responsibility of the physician to decide.  However, that will not include the incidence of incest or rape.

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