Clippers Heated Up To Bury The Bulls Along With Nicolas Batum


Nicolas Batum has now made eight of the twenty three-pointers scored by the Clippers’. Kawhi Leonard and Eric Gordon also settled twenty-two points each to help the team be victorious against rival Bulls with a comfortable 124-112 scoreline.

Paul George was sidelined and Clippers needed others to step up to fill up the void created in the squad. Well, Nicolas Batum and Eric Gordon showed up and saved them from becoming Kawha-centric in such times. They helped the team win against their opponent, the Bulls.

Last time, Bone Hayland and Terance Mann stepped up to fill the void George left. However, this time it was Eric Gordon and Nicolas Batum who wanted to show what they can do for the team. Well, they delivered.

When it was looking like an impossible task to accomplish for Leonard, Batum and Gordon came along and gave Clippers a solid lead in the game, the grip that Clippers never lost throughout the game winning it 124-112 in the famous Crypto.Arena.

Clippers Heated To Bury The Bulls Along Nicolas Batum

Nicolas Batum started in Marcus’ place and scored all the season-high twenty-four points only on three-pointers. Gordon was also there who added twenty-two points going five for nine from a long range. This was his top-scoring match as well since being included in the Clippers side in last month.

Nicolas Batum said that when the team is missing players like Norm, PG and Mook, people who can score the ball, they will have to find a way to send the ball in the ring. This was the responsibility he shared today with his teammates. He said that he cannot rely only on Kawhi to take them home in every four minutes. He said that he did that in his last game.

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