Clippers Persevere To Stun Wizards, Prevail Through A Magical Comeback Of 35 Points


The LA Clippers made a valiant comeback to stun the Washington Wizards and register an unbelievable 116-115 as they rallied from 35 points down to finally prevail in this heroic match.

The Wizards were ahead of the Clippers by 35 points in the 2nd quarter, when the score at Washington’s Capital One Arena was 66-31. It turned out to be the greatest lead of the match for the Wizards.

But then the slide started. The LA Clippers struck back in the 2nd half. They scored an incredible 40 points each in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Going into the final moments of the game, the Wizards still had a lead of 6 points with the scores at 115-109. But a 3-pointer by Luke Kennard, the Clippers’ guard, narrowed the gap to 112-115 with 9 seconds on the clock.

The Clippers Snatched The Win In The Dying Seconds

Following a turnover by the wizards, Kennard hit a second 3 pointer and the game was tied at 115. the hero of the Clippers was fouled by Bradley Beal, the Wizard’s star. With just 1.9 seconds on the clock, Kennard scored the game-winning free throw.

The Washington Wizards were without any timeouts. Their forward Kuzma let go a full-court bass, but it remained out of reach with just a second left. It finally ended at 116-115 for the Clippers.

It is the largest ever comeback in the history of the Western Conference and the NBA’s 2nd-largest.

Utah Jazz’s comeback to recover 36-point against Nuggets in the NBA game in 1996 remains to be matched. The Jazz was 34-70 behind at the game in Salt Lake City in Utah. But the game ended in an astounding win, 107-103 with a stunning turnaround in the 2nd half. Kennard, the Clippers’ guard had 25 points. He also managed 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Amir Coffey was the top scorer at 29 points.

For the Wizards, Beal was the highest scorer for the team with 23 points.