San Antonio Spurs Demolish The Clippers


The Spurs had managed to clamp themselves on the Clippers early in the game, and they never let go over the course of the game. The result- a 116-92 drubbing in Los Angeles. It was the second game in a row when Dejounte Murray led the team from San Antonio in doubles- reaching his sixth triple-double for this season itself. Currently, he leads the NBA in that category- and is also the first player from San Antonio to ever get six triple-doubles in the same year.

Murray Shines For Spurs 

When the first Quarter ended, one thing was evident- the Spurs were going to be relentless. In the very first moments of the game, the team had started throwing baskets- without caring who it was that was actually scoring the baskets.

Interestingly, their accuracy was off the mark too- as while they made nine out of their ten hoops from the paint, they missed every single one of the shots that they took from the deep. Nonetheless, such relentless shooting did allow them to build up a lead of five points, and when the Clippers called a time out, the San Antonio team was up 21-19. 

The second quarter started with Lonnie scoring a dunk, followed by a three-pointer from Keldon Johnson. After that, it was a personal competition between Dejounte and Paul George- of which the former came on top. Murray managed to hit a three-pointer and immediately assisted Bryn Forbes twice, then led Jakob Poeltl for a rebound. By halftime, Murray had scored two more 3-pointers, which gave Spurs a lead of 62-48. 

The last two quarters were simply about the better team managing to just stretch the lead out of the hands of their opponents. Although the Clippers had believed that the Spurs would be finally easing up, they didn’t and rather kept increasing the lead even further.