Clippers Vs Suns: Status Of Chris Paul And Devin Booker Vs Paul George!

Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Clippers

As the storylines of a tee go, the Clippers will be facing Chris Paul in the finals of the Western Conference. Chris Paul failed to lead his team in a total of six seasons, which seems like the perfect opportunity for him to prove himself. But a more pertinent question remains, will Paul be able to actually participate in this series? Currently, he remains out of the team and out of the first game due to the safety protocols of the Coronavirus. 

Will The Superstars Play In The Game Between The Clippers And The Suns?

The Clippers are also missing out on their key player. Kawhi Leonard has been reported to not travel to Phoenix with his team for the 1st two games to be played in the series. This means that one can hope for him starting in the third game. He is dealing with a sprain in his knees. It is worse than what it sounds. The Clippers feared that maybe Leonard contracted an injury to the ACL at first. Currently, the swelling has to subside, otherwise, the doctors cannot run appropriate tests on his knee.

Leonard may not be available for his team in this series at all. Paul might be available for his team at a certain point but Leonard appears to be in worse condition. Every game that Chris Paul managed to miss appears to be a hurdle on the path of the Clippers. Chris Paul was voted as the 5th in MVP. His absence or presence has the capability of swinging this series in a very different direction. The same facts are true for Kawhi Leonard. Without Leonard, his team appears to be in a bad condition. They have tough, athletic, and long-wing defenders that can make life difficult for any players of the Clippers.