‘Good Morning America’ producer Thea Trachtenberg dies

Thea Trachtenberg
Thea Trachtenberg

If you are a fan of Good Morning America, there is sad news for you. The producer of this successful show, Thea Trachtenberg, passed away. She was just 51. 

Robin Roberts, the anchor, broke down as she made the announcement. She mentioned about her colleagues that they “really, really loved her and that’s what we should remember.”

Trachtenberg had struggled and won against cancer twice. She was the anchor to the main producer of the show, George Stephanopoulos. He called her a “force on this show and a mentor to so many on our staff and a colleague and friend with a biting wit, skeptical eye and a very big heart.”

Trachtenberg was “battling serious heart and lung disease for some time” as per the staff. They mentioned how she was always trying to get things to be perfect. She was both gifted and smart. Along with that, she had amazing sharp humor.

She took part in making famous interviews with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. She also worked on interviews with Muppet or Bono of U2. She did not discriminate. 

Even Diane Sawyer, an ABC veteran, expressed her sadness on the passing of Trachtenberg.

She says: “How we loved it. How we laughed. She always saw the possible. More heart. More clarity. More connection. It was never just reporting. It was a way to bring light to the world.”