Jalen Carter A Top Draft Prospect For NFL Has Been Charged With Racing In Accident

Jalen Carter

Jalen Carter, the former Georgian star and counted among the bests of the game’s draft in the upcoming month was charged with reckless driving and racing when a crash happened that ended the lives of a teammate and a staff member of the team.

Georgia’s Athens-Clarke County PD has already issued a warrant with the name of Jalen Carter on it. The Associated Press obtained the warrant on Wednesday and it alleged Jalen of racing in his Jeep against a Ford car that the staff member of the recruiting team was driving.

This recent announcement was published long after the Atlanta journal constitution published the news of the accident and that Jalen Carter has been in the spot and later he provided some shifting accounts about the wreck to the police.

The staff member, LeCroy and Devin Willock the offensive lineman who played for the Bulldogs were found dead in the accident which the police at first reported to be a single-vehicle accident by the police.

Jalen Carter Charged With Racing After Accident:

Jalen Carter has been booked by the police for driving recklessly on a highway and he was released after sometime by posting a 4k bond as per the records online.

Carter was slated to talk to the reporters at the scouting combines in Indianapolis. However, a spokeperson of the league said that Carter will not be talking because five other players and Jalen himself were conducting physicals. Later a statement was posted on the social media where the player said that he want to return to Athens to answer all the misdemeanors and charges against him and to make it completely certain that the accurate truth comes in front of everyone’s eyes.