US Toddler Receives Letter Of Thanks From Queen Elizabeth After Dressing Up As Her

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

A toddler in the US received a letter of thanks from Queen Elizabeth for dressing up in a splendid monarch outfit for Halloween. The one-year-old Jalayne Sutherland received the letter after trotting out an endearing double-breasted overcoat.

Jalayne from Kentucky received the letter from Queen Elizabeth for her dress which also had a matching hat for Halloween. She even sported a string of pearls and a white wig and stood patiently for a photoshoot with the family’s corgis that added an extra royal touch as she prepared to go trick-or-treating.

Katelyn, her mum, sent the pictures to Buckingham Palace but never expected a reply. She was pleasantly surprised when she got a reply from the Honorable Dame Mary Anne Morrison, the lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II.

Her mother said that the biggest inspiration for the dress was that the dogs were her daughter’s best friend, and she wanted something that could be termed as being all-inclusive.

She said their whole family were fans of Queen Elizabeth and loved the way the Queen walks. The toddler received many compliments from bystanders as she trotted around on Halloween dressed up as Queen Elizabeth. She says the favorite reaction was when people bowed to her or did the royal wave and addressed her as Your Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth Thanked Katelyn For The Accompanying Photo

The Letter from Dame Morrison was a delight for Katelyn who wrote that the Queen had told her to thank her for the letter and the enclosed photograph.

She wrote that the queen was pleased to see the photographs of her daughter, Jaylene, dressed up in splendid royalty. It was stamped with insignia of the Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth spent a low-key Christmas at the Royal Palace in the company of Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Camilla, and Sophie. The outbreak of the Omicron variant of COVID-9 has dampened celebrations around the world this year.