Watch Trump’s Coronavirus Response Become a Horror Movie in Fake ‘PANDUMBIC’ Trailer


Video Source: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

If lone the current worldwide circumstance was only an anecdotal film. In another clip, The Daily Show has taunted President Trump’s inaction on the novel coronavirus in a phony trailer for an alarming film called PANDUMBIC.

“The destructive coronavirus is spreading,” the trailer notes as foreboding music capitalizes on over film of Trump giving a White House press instructions. “Furthermore, the man in control is the most moronic individual alive.” The trailer at that pointcuts together news clasps of Trump talking about COVID-19, alluding to him as an “A man insusceptible… to data.” The trailer additionally takes note of that the false film originates from the “fellow who brought you ‘Windmills Cause Cancer'” and that it’s “now playing all over the place.”

Host Trevor Noah additionally tended to the president’s absence of activity during the late-night show and talked about how social removing can help relieve the spread of the infection. “What’s more, presently the most recent guidance is for everybody to get some space,” Noah said. “Truly, the trendy expression existing apart from everything else is ‘social removing.’ Also known as, ‘Don’t inhale on me, bitch.'”

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