Colin Jost Steals Attention During The Acceptance Speech Of Wife Johansson

Colin Jost
Colin Jost

The speech that was given by one of the most beloved actresses of America, Scarlett Johansson, was a playful one. It included a prank that was played by Colin Jost, her husband. The 36-year-old actress was honored with the Generation Award. It was the award ceremony of the MTV Movie and TV. The award was a sign to commemorate her journey in the industry of films the actress has been a part of for 30 years. 

As the actress was giving her acceptance speech, Colin Jost interrupted it. He dumped green slime all over her. This is a prank that was inspired by a wrong award show. 

Colin Jost Gets Corrected

Scarlett Johansson gave the speech virtually from her home. She thanked all of her fans across the world saying that it was them who took her to where she was now. The actress was just making the introduction of a snippet from the movie, Black Widow, when her 38-year-old husband, Colin Jost, pulled out the slime prank. The act led her to give off a few words which came out unintendedly. Colin Jost, on the other hand, made fun of her. And then he went on to utter a few words that were not appropriate as per the prank. After sliming her, he mentioned “MTV.” The Avengers actress then went on to correct her citing the name, “Nickelodeon.”

Following this, Colin Jost goes on to make an apology for his actions. He also offers her a towel to wipe off the slime. It follows with an “I love you.” wiping off the slime, Scarlett asks him where he got the slime from. “Amazon,” is what he says in reply. The actress got married to the star from the comedy show, SNL, in the month of October.