Colin Powell’s Funeral Attended By Joe Biden

Colin Powell
Colin Powell

Colin Powell’s Funeral was attended by a large group of masked mourners- which included the current President Joe Biden and a few previous presidents. They all came together at the Washington National Cathedral on Friday to pay their respects to the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as the secretary of state.

Powell passed away on the 18th of October with complications that arose from COVID-19. His family later stated that he had been vaccinated but his immunity couldn’t fight it properly- having been compromised earlier by multiple myeloma- a form of blood cancer for which he had been getting diagnosed. 

Colin Powell’s Funeral Attended by Joe Biden

The eulogies at Colin Powell’s funeral were provided by Madeleine Albright– who preceded Powell as the secretary of state, Richard Armitage- who was the deputy secretary of state, and the son of Powell, Michael. Albright stated that while they didn’t really see eye to eye on most conclusions- including one that almost gave him a brain aneurysm.

But the last quarter-century saw them turning into really good friends. She further stated that the major reason for that was that underneath all the tough exterior, lies one of the most decent and gentlest individuals anyone would ever meet.

Armitage, while delivering his own eulogy, stated that Colin Powell had his own brand of humor, along with his own insatiable curiosity, with an innate comfort in his own surroundings. His son, Michael Powell, stated that his father was a great leader, simply because he knew how to follow. He would never ask someone to do something that he himself wouldn’t do. 

As the mourners for the funeral of Colin Powell arrived, the US Army Brass Quintet put out a few instrumental versions of a few favorites of Powell, including Dancing Queen by ABBA and Three Little Birds.