Colts Continue Rising The NFL Rankings

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts played against the season’s seed 1, the Patriots. A large number of rushes and the weak defense allowed Indianapolis to defeat the NE Patriots. The win marked the end of a seven-win streak for the Patriots. 

Presently in the fifth seed, Indianapolis Colts with 8-6. The Colts are two matches behind The Tennessee Titans. The Tennessee Titans are the present AFC South’s top team. The Titans lost against the Steelers in the past week. Most national media rankings now feature Indianapolis in the top 10. They have moved up the NFL power rankings. 

Indianapolis have secured 8 wins and losses against AFC rivals. They are in the playoffs and division discussions. 

The Colts’ Rankings By Various Channels

The Colts have been ranked at #10 by ESPN. They followed it up by explaining that Colt’s manager, Reich, has boosted his team back up. It was a poor start for the Colts but they managed to reach seed 5 with 8-6. 

The official NFL site has ranked them at #6. Jonathan Taylor’s spectacular performance against the Patriots made him the MVP. Saturday night, Indianapolis won against the Patriots 27-17. They have proved themselves as AFC’s top competitors.

CBS Sports ranked them at #13, PFN has them at #7, Yahoo Sports at #8, and Bleacher Report ranked them #7. 

Indianapolis controlled the tempo of the game with a dominating offensive line and the best runbacks. Their defense is tied with the league’s top teams in takeaways.