Steelers’ Chances Are Still Alive: Gerry Dulac


Astonishingly, the Steelers have won three matches against the ultimate teams. They have been able to keep end-season hope active with a  defense full of weaknesses. 

The most recent baffling match was at Heinz Field, on Sunday. The AFC-South, who were ahead of the Tennessee Titans were defeated by Pittsburgh, 13-19. They bested the Titans using the defense that had been dragging them down for the last two months. 

Ben was referring to the Steelers’ chances at the playoffs. The Steelers stand a fighting chance with their 7-6-1, as they are gaining momentum since Baltimore Ravens’ loss against the Packers, 31-30. 

Ben may have been conversing about his in-game offenses. He successfully ran 236 yards with twelve first downs. With the opponent’s strong defense, Ben was able to manage just 2 out of the 11 third take-down opportunities.

The same defense gave a 200-yard run again. It was the third time in the last six matches. It gave the Tennessee Titans (39 minutes and 8 seconds) double the ball time as Pittsburgh(20 minutes and 52 seconds).

How Steelers Made The Tables Turn For Them

The tables turned when the broken defense was able to take three Chris Boswell goals in the other half of the game. It was the Steelers‘ highest number of takeaways since Week 11 opposite the Jaguars. 

 TJ Watt., outside LB, at the Titans 35, managed to rescue a botched pass from Tannehill, resulting in Boswell’s last field goal with four and a half minutes left.

Mike Tomlin, the coach, said the turnover game helped them win while their punt team was unable to perform in the first half.

Joe Haden attacked receiver Nate Westbrook-Ikhine a few inches before the first down line, on the 4th and 7th of the Steelers 16. Joe put an end to a 13-play campaign with twenty-seven seconds on the clock. 

The game was Haden’s first match after his Lisfranc foot wound.

The Steelers have surprisingly managed to keep hopes of winning alive. Steelers are currently at 5-0-1 at Heinz Field after their loss against Cincinnati Bengals in October.

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