Daniel Cormier Upset With Tyron Woodley For Losing Against Jake Paul

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier

Former UFC winner, Daniel Cormier, has not taken Woodley’s defeat gracefully. Woodley’s knockout loss against Jake Paul gave way to memes. Daniel Cormier in an interview with ESPN slandered Woodley for being knocked out by YouTuber Jake Paul. Woodley, in good spirit, held a competition for the finest meme of his loss. The prize was $5000.

The competition did not go down well with Daniel Cormier. He explained that he adores Woodley but does not understand what he expected to achieve with the contest. He felt that Woodley’s second loss against Jake is downright embarrassing and unexpected. 

The first fight between Jake and Tyron was in August. It was Jake’s third win against an MMA fighter. Jake defeated Ben Askren in April. The match ended with Jake knocking out Askren in the first round. 

Fighting the popular YouTuber has been a financial blessing for Askren and Woodley, sources reported. Daniel has his take on the situation. He worries that the former UFC champion’s loss against a popular celebrity will harm their hard-earned reputations. 

Daniel Cormier‘s Faith Shaken 

Daniel Cormier, while in the UFC, was a two-division victor. He has fought against Jake Paul, also known as the problematic child, in the past. Daniel Cormier believes that Askren and Woodley started making fun of their losses because they were embarrassed. The fact that the pro fighters lost against a celebrity made them resort to self-depreciation. 

If someone had told Daniel that Tyron would lose to Jake, he would not have believed it for a second. But Tyron getting knocked out cold by Jake Paul shattered his belief.