Community Unites to Help Woman Find Lost Dog


Efforts are underway to assist a distraught dog owner in locating her missing pet, as online volunteers join forces to reunite them.

Hannah Riley reached out on March 17, seeking aid in finding her 10-year-old dog, Hazel, who had to be rushed to an emergency veterinary facility in Atlanta, Georgia after ingesting cannabis gummies while under a sitter’s care. Hazel, a white and beige papillon, fled from St. Francis Veterinary Specialists and Emergency without a leash, prompting Riley to launch a social media campaign to locate her beloved companion.

Hazel, A Missing Dog

Sharing Hazel’s photo online, Riley described the circumstances and pleaded for assistance, sparking widespread attention with over 740,000 views. Concerned netizens mobilized to support Riley, who expressed her distress over the situation, exacerbated by her physical absence due to vacationing.

Hazel, whom Riley adopted six years ago, remains missing as of March 21. In response to the community’s solidarity, a friend initiated a GoFundMe campaign to finance advertisements aimed at locating Hazel. The campaign swiftly surpassed its $10,000 goal, with any excess funds pledged to local animal rescue organizations.

While Riley is not active on TikTok, users have shared videos detailing Hazel’s disappearance, and efforts to spread awareness include online flyers and a collaborative Google Spreadsheet for distributing leaflets. In light of the incident, St. Francis’ parent company, Thrive Pet Healthcare, conveyed support for Hazel’s family and the ongoing search.

Individuals with information regarding Hazel’s whereabouts are urged to contact Riley directly or St. Francis Veterinary Specialists and Emergency. The community’s collective endeavor underscores the power of online solidarity in aiding distressed pet owners during challenging times.