January 6 Committee Sends Out Second Round Of Subpoenas

January 6 Committee
january 6 committee

The committee appointed to look into the insurrection on January 6 has issued the 2nd batch of subpoenas. The target this time is the individuals tasked with directly planning and organizing the “Stop the Seal” rally. The January 6 committee has targeted the organizers as the rally has led to the Capitol riot and multiple other rallies that were organized and leading to the fateful day.

11 individuals associated with the Women for America First (WAF), will receive the subpoenas. The organization had the rally permits finally led to the January 6 riots.

WAF held a couple of rallies in the last two months of 2020 in Freedom Plaza followed by bus tours named ‘March for Trump’ that went on a nationwide rally seeking to create interest in rallies conducted by the organization in Washington.

January 6 Committee Interested In Communication Between White House And Insurrection Leaders

It is apparent that the January 6 Committee is particularly interested in going into the coordination between the group and White House in the overall planning plus as a member of the greater Stop the Steal movement.

Amy Kremer, chairperson of WAF and was one of the key members responsible for permits for the January 6 rally. She is among the individuals subpoenaed by the January 6 Committee. She was among the influential figures involved in persuading Congress members to reject the Presidential results in 2020. They were also involved in spreading conspiracy ideas that sparked the insurrection.

The subpoena from the January 6 Committee to Amy Kremer mentions that following investigation, they have reliable evidence of her participation in events that are within the ambit of the committee’s probe.

The subpoena further mentions that she and others in her organization had communicated with Trump and other officials about the January 6 rally and the other planned events.

Four Trump staffers were issued the first 4 subpoenas. None of them have responded directly to the January 6 committee. Bennie Thompson, House Select Chairman, has said that criminal contempt charges could be contemplated if they do not cooperate. He also said that some people had contacted the January 6 committee voluntarily.