First Convoy Coordinated By The US Government Displaces Private American Residents From The Turmoil In Sudan


A convoy led by the administration of the US arrived in Port Sudan followed by an extended trip from Khartoum on Saturday, concluding the first United States-led attempt to remove individual American residents from the violence in Sudan.

In a statement, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller claimed that a convoy that had been arranged by the government of the United States carrying citizens of the U.S., domestically recruited staff, and citizens from neighboring nations reached Sudan Port on 29th April. From there, their purpose was to help eligible Americans, including the residents of the U.S., go to Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, where more Americans are stationed to help with diplomatic and immediate assistance.

As The Situation In Sudan Worses, US Military Sends Help For Their Citizens 

The initiative was made amid growing resentment among Americans living in Sudan struggling with the feeling of being left behind by the government of the US and left to deal with the challenging and hazardous situation by themselves.

Numerous people have died and thousands have been injured as a result of the deadly fighting that broke out between the Armed Forces of Sudan and the paramilitary Forces of Rapid Support group earlier this month. Due to the lack of food, water, medicine, and energy for people who are still stranded in their houses, the nation continues to be in danger of a humanitarian catastrophe.

The United States had insisted for over seven days that the circumstances did not allow for an evacuation of civilians, even though several countries had evacuated their populations. 

In the declaration released on Saturday, Miller stated that the convoy led by the US built on the job done by the government of the United States that week to enable the army-assisted evacuation of their ambassadors and multiple other citizens of the States via land convoys or by air or sea.