Classic Moments From The Correspondents Dinner At The Famous White House

White House
White House

At the Correspondents’ Dinner this Saturday at the famous White House, President of U.S Joe Biden cracked jokes about a variety of subjects, but he also adopted a somber demeanor as he demanded the discharge of American citizens who had been unjustly detained abroad.

Thousands of people attended the yearly dinner at the Washington Hilton in favor of press freedom, which Biden referred to as “the cornerstone of a democracy, not the adversary.”

Here Are Certain Highlights From The Infamous Dinner Party At The White House This Year

Biden demands the release of Americans who were unlawfully jailed.

In his speech to an assembled audience to support press freedom, Biden made it plain that journalism was not a criminal activity. The American reporters in Syria (Austin Tice) and Russia (Evan Gershkovich), were wrongfully detained, and he promptly addressed this issue at the White House dinner, telling the audience of reporters and the households of those who have been detained that his government is decided to return them home. He additionally said that he had been working his tail off to bring them home.

Roy W. Jr. Targets Washington 

Known for his work as a comedian on TDS on Comedy Central, performer Roy W. Jr. roasted Washington politics on Saturday night without holding back and included digs at all sides. As soon as the president moved away from the podium, he addressed the sensitive documents discovered in Biden’s Delaware residence, jokingly saying that the president had perhaps left some of his confidential documents up there.

Biden Ridicules Trump

Meanwhile, several jokes made by Biden at the White House about recent scandals involving his predecessor were also made. He also made a light joke of Trump’s indictment for allegedly participating in a hush money scam.

Journalists Praised And Made Fun Of

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Washington was covered by CNN’s Phil Mattingly, and Politico published the Supreme Court draft opinion that would later overturn Roe v. Wade, both of which received recognition at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

A Celebrity Outing

Numerous famous people attended the event on Saturday at the White House, including Chrissy Teigen, a model and TV personality, and her husband, the singer John Legend.