Copshop- A Review


Copshop is an American action thriller. It is a homage to all those actions flicks from the 70s. The movie has awesome sets of quirky characters, humor, cool shoutouts, and unique irreverence. The movie is kind of disjointed and it gives the impression that it is trying to reinvent itself at each and every point. The director of the 2021 movie, Copshop, is Joe Carnahan. He is an American film director who has also had experiences with bringing together the agents who create chaos and combustible cauldrons. He is also the co-writer of the movie. One of the most popular movies he has directed is “Smokin Aces.”

Copshop- Background 

It seems like the action-thriller movie reaches its zenith of trying to figure out itself during the middle section. That is the time when a majority of the characters of the movie are present and are accounted for. The setting of Copshop is a sleepy and dusty Gun Creek. The other writer of the movie is Kurt McLeod.

The characters of the movie include Gerard Butler, the 51-year-old Scottish actor and film producer, and Frank Grillo, the 56-year-old American actor, and Alexis Louder, the American actress who is famous for her role in “The Tomorrow War.” The presence of the American actress makes the film a refreshing one. It is only fair to say that she is the best character in Copshop. The film does not capitalize on any of its characters. And the biggest result of this is the fact that the movie spends too much time on characters that do not really matter. And very little time and attention are provided to those characters who are important for story build-up.