JR Smith Being an Inspiration To The Black Community

JR Smith
JR Smith

The two-time NBA champion, million-dollar earner JR Smith Joined HBCU after retirement. In 2020 he won the second title before his retirement  And also found a hidden love towards golf. JR Smith could quickly pursue his passion for golf, but he chose to enter North Carolina A&T, the largest HBCU in the Country. He also joined Aggies to keep up with golf. 

JR Smith And His Journey As An Adult Freshman 

Smith started live-tweeting the experience, which was a little bit extra, according to some. But we all love it when someone makes us a part of their journey sharing little details. The 36-year-old freshman’s live tweets help many people to experience how college feels like with an adult pair of eyes. Smith said he realized that the school system in America neglects to teach the Country’s actual history.

Besides pointing out the mistake, Smith inspires several adult individuals who want to restart their academic journey. Holly Robinson Peete said in one of her tweets that Smith’s post encourages her to pursue her long-desired masters. Another Smith follower tweeted that he is thinking of finishing his degree after watching Smith. The NBA champ pushes these people to go ahead and pursue their dreams. He also encouraged the younger ones by saying how much he is learning from them. 

Alongside the academics, Smith has his first tournament with a six-man golf team. The inspiration behind his love for golf is the late Moses Malon. Malone made him pick his first golf club, and since then, he has never stopped playing. Smith wants to open a school focusing on STEM but wants to involve golf to increase the popularity among kids. 

But before that, we can anticipate watching his debut at Black Coaches Association Invitational next weekend and in GHOE next month.