Cori Bush Blasts Celebrations of July Four!

Cori Bush
Cori Bush

Cori Bush, Democrat-Mo, Far-left Representative, dismissed Sunday Independence Day as just another holiday for all the white folks! He also claimed that this land seems like a stolen land while claiming that the freedom of black people is a lie! Cori Bush tweeted that whenever they claim that the 4th July is regarding American freedom, people shouldn’t believe them. It is a date and freedom only for the white folks of America! Cori Bush is a significant member of the “Squad” a progressive group full of lawmakers including Alexandria Cortex (D-NY). 

Cori Bush Posts Emotional Tweets On Social Media!

Bush is an activist of the Black Lives Matter. In the primary, Bush managed to unseat the longtime Rep. Lacy Clay last year. She is currently representing the Democratic district! Bush used the legislation signing of last month for making Juneteenth a major federal holiday across America to push heavily for reparations regarding defunding enforcement of law and slavery! Its reparations and Juneteenth! Cori Bush also said that an end to police violence as well as all the drug wars should happen immediately across America! 

In her tweet of 17th June, she wrote that it is end education and housing apartheid and Juneteenth! It is teaching the truth regarding white supremacy and Juneteenth! She also said that top priority should be given to the Black liberation! The tweet of 4th July by Cori Bush drew backslashes across the social media from many of its users! These users appear to be from both the left as well as the right side! Clay Travis, a radio host, tweeted that she makes around $175k/ year and still manages to rip the people of the country that essentially pays her salary! He also urged to show an unfree country across the world where this thing will be possible.