Shohei Ohtani, The First MLB All-Star As Pitcher And Hitter!

Shohei Ohtani
Shohei Ohtani

Another day and another baseball lore won and claimed by none other than Shohei Ohtani! On Sunday, MLB made an announcement regarding reserves and pitchers for the All-Star game. In that game, Shohei Ohtani earned another baseball lore as the pitcher of the AL team. On Thursday, the star of the LA Angels was announced! He was announced as the starting and designated hitter of the AL team. The news of Sunday makes Ohtani the 1st MLB player in the history of the All-Star game of the MLB for 1 long 91 years to make the AL team both as a pitcher and a hitter! 

The Historic 1st Half Of Shohei Ohtani!

The favorite regarding the betting to win MVP of AL, Shohei Ohtani certainly managed to earn the distinction inside the mound as well as inside the plate! Through Saturday, in a total of 77 games, Ohtani managed to slash .278/.367/.700 with the best thirty home runs of the MLB, thirteen stolen bases, and 66 RIBI. On Sunday, he managed to extend his home run to thirty-one. This included a bomb of 459 feet to centerfield. 

The incident happened while Shohei Ohtani was playing in the match against the Orioles. The match was won by the Angels with a scoreline of 6-5. With that home run, Ohtani seems to be tied with Matsui for the most ever recorded statistics in terms of a Japanese-born player, playing in the MLB. Inside the mound, Shohei Ohtani boasted a record of 3-1 with twelve starts under his belt. In a total of sixty innings, he has a 1.267 WHIP, 35 walks, 83 strikeouts, and an ERA of 3.60. He also had Tommy John in 2018. This is his 1st season playing as a pitcher in the MLB in the position of a full-time player!