Putin Warns Of Collapse In Talks  And Deteriorating Relation


There is set to be a frosty turn to relations between the US and Russia as the two countries clashed over the escalation in military buildup by Russia along its border with Ukraine. The Russians have massed in huge numbers along the eastern border of the neighboring country. Putin has warned Biden of collapse in talks if the US goes ahead with sanctions.

US President has warned of punishing economic sanctions on R Russian if it attacks Ukraine in his talks with Putting. This is the 2nd conference within a month that the 2 leaders have held over Ukraine.

Yuri Ushakov, a Kremlin spokesperson,  later said that any sanction imposed by the US causes a total breakdown of ties between Russia and the US.

Ushakov also said that Putin has revealed that American sanctions were a huge mistake and would be seen as a grave error by what he said were descendants.

Earlier President Biden told his counterpart, Putin, that Russia need to deescalate the tense situation on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Putin Warned Of Strong Action If Russian Troops Move Into Ukraine

American officials said that the sanctions against Russia could be accompanied by heightened military activity by NATO along the Russian border. Putin had earlier expressed frustration at NATO activity along with the border of Latvia and Estonia. He has recently demanded the withdrawal of NATO forces totally from eastern Europe.

Ukraine and the US have been repeatedly warning that Putin appeared poised to order an invasion of neighboring Ukraine soon. There has been a massive buildup of troops and armaments along the border between the two former Soviet Union nations.

Over 13,000 people have been killed in recent years in battles between rebels backed by the Russians and Ukrainian troops.

Jen Psaki, the press secretary at the White House said that Biden has warned Putin to de-escalate tensions and warned that the US would respond if Russia attacks Ukraine. She said that Biden has dialogues that can progress only if there is de-escalation and has warned of decisive action from the US and its allies.