Coronavirus app tracing capability not yet operational, despite 4 million downloads

The coronavirus tracking app namely COVIDsafe has reportedly been installed by 4 million Australians. 

However, the app is yet to become fully functional.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison called the app a vital tool in fighting the pandemic. However, the data from the coronavirus tracing app is yet to be shared with health experts.

Privacy Issues With The Coronavirus Tracking App 

News sources confirmed that if a person is tested positive, the reports will not be immediately passed on to a contact-tracers on account of privacy reasons. 

“The rules on privacy are being finalized along with final IT testing,” mentioned a spokesperson from the Department of Health. 

Michael Kidd, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said that health authorities cannot yet access the data as the app was implemented too quickly. He also said that the employees in the contact-tracing facilities need to be given training first. 

Around 4 million Australians have reportedly downloaded the app. 

Deputy Chief Kidd highlighted the positive aspect of the coronavirus tracking app and said, Australians downloading the app was good news and that the system would soon be activated in all the states.

Sources suggest that the delay in activating the system was due to concerns about privacy that the Australian government had received. 

Delay On Coronavirus Tracking App After News Of Its Interference With Other Health Apps

Reports suggest the coronavirus tracking app hinders the functioning of other health-related apps like CGM (continuous glucose monitoring).  

Diabetes Australia has recommended uninstalling COVIDsafe for the time being. 

However, some believe that COVIDsafe will become immensely effective after it starts operating on its full capacity. 

The Australian Prime Minister urged the nation to download COVIDsafe. He further emphasized on the benefits of the app and said that the quicker one gets to know of an infection, the lesser the risk of infecting others.