Jerami Grant’s Move From Pistons To Portland Trail Blazers Baffled NBA Fans

Jerami Grant

The Detroit Pistons have traded Jerami Grant to the Trail Blazers as a first-round draft choice for 2025, an exchange of 2nd-round picks for 2022, and 2nd-round picks in the drafts for 2025 and 2026.

Jerami Grant has featured regularly on the Detroit Pistons lineup even since he inked a 3-year deal with $60M that involved the Nuggets back in November 2020. His 2020-21 records have been admirable with a career-high average of 22.3.

Jerami Grant is an extremely reliable player who could be the second scoring option for the Portland team next season behind Damian Lillard.

Jerami Grant Goes To Trail Blazers For Future 1st Round Pick

But Jerami Grant’s move has confused and surprised NBA Twitter. Notably, the 1st round pick of 2025 is through Milwaukee, which is an NBA championship contender as Giannis Antetokoumpo has led from the front. The pick, therefore, is not expected to be on the whole high.

The Blazers and Pistons have notably swapped 2nd-round pick in the 2022 draft. While the Pistons have Number 36 overall, the Trail Blazers have Number 46 overall.

Moreover, the Detroit team will receive one 2nd-round pick for 2025 from the Trail Blazers and also a 2nd-round pick for 2026, favorably between Portland and the Pelicans. The Pistons will additionally receive a $21M trade exception which is part of this deal.

Jerami Grant is now in his final year with the Pistons and was never in long-term plans as the Detroit team rebuilt. They will forge ahead now with Cade Cunningham plus a $43M cap space for free agency.

Letting go of Jerami Grant was always sensible and expected but what comes as a surprise is that the Pistons could not command a larger return. Perhaps trading Grant at last season’s deadline would have been more profitable.

It is noteworthy that Jerami Grant is entitled to an off-season extension and would be on the lookout for a deal as high as $112M covering 4 years.