Kamala Harris’ “Big, Blended” Family Excited To See Her Make History

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Vice President elect Kamala Harris will be making history once she swears in the national position on Wednesday, January 20. This will be the first time that America will have its first female Vice President. But that is not the end. There is a long list of all the firsts that she will make once she takes the position.

Kamala Harris will be the first black woman to make it to the position of Vice President. She will also be the first Indian-origin woman in that position. Along with this, her family will also be on the spotlight cheering for her making history.

Looking deeper into her “big, blended” family, it can be said that Harris has a line of broad, diverse and politically expansive family that looks forward with excitement to the woman who is about to take on this path-breaking role. America is sure to have a Vice President for the next four years who can potentially expand the rigid political atmosphere that prevailed in the country for a long time.

Kamala Harris’ Family Waiting Eagerly For Her Big Day

Kamala Harris is not alone in her journey to becoming the Vice President. Her family seems to be with her throughout the entire process. Meena Harris, her niece has been spotted sporting a “Vice President Aunty” T-shirt during her lead-up. Kamala Harris is friends with her husband’s ex-wife, Kerstein Emhoff who will be present at her swearing in the Capitol. She has been supportive of her throughout Harris’ entire journey.

Nancy F. Cott, a famous Historian talks about the importance of family in the lives of politicians and policy makers. Talking about Harris’ spouse, she mentions that the spouse plays an important role in humanizing the candidate. The spouse does more than policy-making. He/She makes the political candidate more loved, approachable and builds a respect or connection with the institutions the politicians are trying to uphold or function in.