Andrew Cuomo Stands To Be Accused By Yet Another Women

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York got accused by yet another woman. The accusations came forth this Saturday. The one to accuse had worked in his administration previously. The governor from the Democratic party is already under the accusation of sexual harassment by two other women.

The third accusation comes from a woman named Anna Liss. She gave a detailed account of her experiences with Andrew Cuomo to a news channel. The women stated that the governor crossed the limit and went on to ask questions to her on her personal life. He also became unprofessional by calling her “sweetheart.”

Andrew Cuomo Made Inappropriate Physical Advancements?

Ana Liss, the third accuser, also mentioned the fact that Andrew Cuomo made some inappropriate physical advancements with her. There was an incident where he laid hands on the lower back of the lady. This took place while they were at the reception. This is not the only time the New York Governor got physical with the accuser. He is also accused of kissing her hand. This took place once when she was on her desk.

A statement of apology had come from Governor Andrew Cuomo this month. He had expressed his sorrow for the fact that his actions caused people to feel great discomfort. However, he did not accept the allegation that he got physical inappropriately.

According to the first statement he gave post the scandal, he was innocent. He added that he did not make any inappropriate physical advancements with people. Andrew Cuomo further added that he was not aware of whatever he did. He did not do anything with a bad intention.

As per sources, Ana Lisa, the third accuser, worked as an assistant to the policy and operations. She served from year 2013-2015. It was also stated that the women took Cuomo’s actions to be “harmless flirtations” initially.