Rust: Assistant Director Speaks Up After Fatal Shooting And Urges Industry To Revaluate Practices And Values


Dave Halls, the Assistant Director of the movie, Rust has urged the film industry to reassess its practices and values. He was speaking after the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer of the movie.

Halls was quizzed by the Sheriff’s office at Santa Fe, investigating Halyna’s death. A live bullet was present in a handgun handed over to Alec  Baldwin. The gun accidentally went off, killing Halyna instantly. The cinematographer of the movie Rust was hit as she sat behind the camera and was killed instantaneously.

Mystery Remains On The Sequence Of Events Leading To The Tragedy On The Sets Of Rust

Halls was questioned by the Santa Fe police investigating the death of Hutchins on the set of Rust. The gun was handed over to Alec Baldwin and should have contained dummies, according to a crew member on the set of Rust that day.

Hutchins was shot near the chest. The bulled then continued and hit Joel Souza, director, on the shoulder, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s office informed.

In a brief statement, Dave Halls expressed his shock and sadness at Hutchins’s tragic loss. He referred to her as a friend. He praised her talent and said he was fortunate to have an opportunity to work with her.

He said that he hope the industry would be prompted by the tragedy to have another look at its practices and values and ensure that no one else is shot and harmed during a creative process.

Hall gave no details of the unfortunate incident that took place on the sets of Rust. He and Lisa Torraco, his attorney, did not answer a request for comments.

It remains a mystery how the live bullet remained in the gun being handled by Baldwin. According to a detective, Hall had picked up the gun from the prop cart and handed it over to Baldwin. The prop cart was outside the edifice where the movie scene was being filmed. Torraco has denied the alleged sequence but did not give any clarification on the chain of events on a fateful day at the set of Rust.

The armorer at Rust, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, said that she had checked the gun a day before and had ensured that the live ammunition was locked up. But on the fateful day, Halls said that he had not checked all the rounds in the gun.

Advocate Torraco shifted the blame to Reed, saying the armorer was responsible for making sure that the firearm was safe. But attorneys speaking for Reed said that they weren’t given days to train or maintain weapons.