Coronavirus updates: Trump retweets call to fire Fauci

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Social distancing during this pandemic is helping people a lot and is making the curve flatter as predicted. However, the death toll keeps increasing and the USA is currently leading in the number of positive cases and deaths. About 22,146 people have died as of now due to the coronavirus and over 557,000 people have tested coronavirus positive. 1.8 million people all over the world have been affected by this virus and the number can be much higher. Lack of testing, unreported cases, and government cover-ups may show a deflated value. Currently, the situation is like this (the times mentioned are Eastern):

At 11:45 am

The death toll of the USA rose and reached more than 10,000. New York was the most affected but now the curve seems to become flatter. Social distancing seems to have a positive effect here.

At 10:35 am

The Supreme Court will resume sessions over teleconference and resolve cases like Trump’s subpoena appeal to reveal financial records.

At 10 am

The death toll in the UK moves up to around 11,329. More than 88,000 people have tested positive in the UK, which includes Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

At 9:15 am

A sailor present in the USS Theodore Roosevelt has passed away due to complications of this deadly virus. He was admitted to an intensive care unit in Guam.

At 7:02 am

Spain has around 3,477 new cases of coronavirus which shows a 2.09% increase rate.

At 4:55 am

Moscow has brought forward a new website that gives you a QR code pass to travel around the city.

At 3:48 am

After Fauci’s comment on how early mitigation processes could have saved lives, Trump made a tweet asking for the removal of Fauci. 

At 11:52 pm

Trump’s long time friend, Stanley Chera, passed away due to the coronavirus complications. Trump admitted that the depressing stats are hitting him hard, now more than ever before.