Lloyd Austin, Defence Secretary, Recently Tests COVID-19 positive

Lloyd Austin
Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin is a Defence Secretary and he recently released a statement informing that he has been tested positive for coronavirus. He further added that the symptoms that he is showing are “mild” in nature. This statement was shared on Sunday, 2nd January 2022. 

Lloyd Austin also mentioned that he already informed his team of leadership regarding the rest results that have unfortunately come positive. His staff has already started tracing people who may have been in close contact with him since the past week. The staff is, therefore, testing and urging them to take coronavirus tests as well. 

Bad News For Lloyd Austin This New Year 

Lloyd Austin mentioned that he had met with Joe Biden, US President, on 21st December. Following this, he was tested negative the next morning. He was also present in Pentagon last Thursday and met with his staff for a brief period of time, during which everyone was masked and suitably distanced. 

Lloyd Austin later added that he is going to stay at home for at least 5 days as given in the CDC guidelines. The rules mention that people testing positive must isolate themselves for five to ten days. 

He also assured people that he will try to be active and attend meetings virtually. He will also have all the authorities as of now. 

Austin highlighted that the doctors said that his fully vaccinated position and booster dose have protected him against severe symptoms. He mentioned that vaccines are certainly reliable and essential for all. He also said that every citizen must be provided the booster dose as soon as possible. 

The Pentagon made it mandatory for US military service people to be fully vaccinated in August. A few Republican governors have tried to oppose it.