Alec Baldwin Gun Rehearsal Gone Wrong


Alec Baldwin is a renowned actor in Hollywood. He is an American actor and has a lot of talents. Apart from being an actor, he is also known for being a great comedian. Baldwin also takes a significant interest in politics. He has been a well-known face as a political activist. He shot to fame when he featured in back-to-back seasons of “Knots Landing”. The soap was aired on CBS.

Alec Baldwin has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Baldwin was supposedly rehearsing a gun scene when he fired a shot. The bullet hit the cameraperson and injured him badly. The incident happened at the set of ” Rust”. The camera person, Halyna Hutchins was reported to be dead shortly after the injury. Let us dig deep and know more details about the incident. 

Alec Baldwin Misfire Causes Disaster On “Rust” 

The film is directed by Joel Souza. While the movie was being filmed in New Mexico, the most horrible thing happened. Alec Baldwin had a scene where he had to shoot a gun at the camera. Baldwin seemed to be rehearsing the scene with a prop gun in his hand. Much to the horror of everyone, the gun went off for real. The bullet hit the camera person standing next to the camera. 

Halyna Hutchins immediately seemed to be in a lot of pain. She clutched her tummy area and fell backward. Halyna was rushed to the hospital at once. Unfortunately, she could not survive the sudden firing and died shortly after. 

Alec Baldwin stated that he did not know that the gun was loaded. The director was sitting beside Hutchins when suddenly he heard a sound. Joel described it as a whip followed by a loud pop. Souza was also injured in the process. He suffered injuries on his shoulders. Souza was given medical attention before being released. 

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