Coronavirus vaccine: Germany approves first human trials

According to Germany’s Federal Institute of Vaccine, a clinical trial for Coronavirus vaccine has been approved in which healthy individuals from 18 to 35 years of age will receive several variants of the vaccine.

The vaccine for the trial which has registered 200 participants was developed by German biotech company BioNTech. Through the test, the experts will ascertain whether the vaccine is capable of providing immunity against COVID-19.

In the next stage, more people prone to contracting the virus will be tested.

BioNTech said that along with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, they were developing the vaccine, BNT162.

The US will also go for a trial of BNT162 once they get official approval for the human trial of the vaccine.

Reportedly, all around the world, 86 medical teams are trying to develop a vaccine, while some have reached the clinical test level.

UK health secretary Matt Hancock declared that Oxford University scientists will be conducting clinical trials on humans from Thursday. The British government has vowed to fund £20m for the research. Around 500 volunteers are expected to sign up by mid-May.

As per Xinhua, state media; at the onset of this month, China has approved human trials for two experimental vaccines.