Hope Solo Arrested

Hope Solo
Hope Solo

Hope Solo is one of the most recognized names in the football circuit. She was a legendary player and belonged to the former women’s soccer team of the United States of America. Hope was a brilliant player and performed significantly well in a number of matches.

She was considered one of the biggest pillars of the US women’s soccer group. Hope received a lot of awards for her excellent display of football on the pitch. However, everything does not seem to be alright with the former US international.

The athlete has been arrested recently and is accused of child abuse by the American police. Hope Solo was found unconscious and passed out recently in her car.

What was more shocking was that police found her children in the same car as well. The officers confirmed the presence of alcohol inside the athlete’s body. Hope has been charged with a number of allegations.

She has neen booked for drinking and driving, Non-cooperation with the officers, and child abuse grounds. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Hope Solo In Trouble 

Hope Solo has landed herself in a lot of trouble. After the police found her lying unconscious inside her car, they confronted her.

However, Hope was not ready to cooperate and did not agree to the blow test. Thus, the officers had to take a blood sample to detect the presence of alcohol in the body.

They also found her children along with her in the car. 

Hope Solo was immediately taken into custody but was later released. She will have to appear in court recently.

Her attorney has stated that there was more to the incident than what was being actually portrayed. 

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