Vladimir Putin Has Warned Finland Of Joining NATO

Vladimir Putin
vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin, one of the most controversial figures in politics today, sounded a warning to Finnish President Sauli Niinisto about joining NATO. The phone call between the two world leaders came with Finland about to imminently renounce its neutrality by declaring a desire to join the Western Bloc. The BBC has also reported that Putin cited the desire of Ukraine to join as a catalyst for a Russian invasion. According to news coming from the Kremlin, Putin did state during the phone call that the end of the traditional policy of military neutrality could be a major mistake for Finland. 

Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Want Finland To Join NATO

The call was pretty straightforward without bringing forth aggression, where the President of Finland informed Vladimir Putin that the war in Ukraine has already changed the secure environment present in the country. Geographically, Finland shares a 1,340 km long border with Russia to the east. In the west, the country shares its borders with Sweden, which has also expressed their desire to join NATO.