COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate By Large Companies Halted In Appeals Court

Vaccine mandate
Vaccine mandate

On Saturday, the central appeals court put a pause on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate put forward by Biden’s administration. This vaccine requirement was made for almost 100 workers for businesses. 

The 5th Circuit Appeals Court of the US granted a stay based on emergency over the need that the concerned workers in the central Health and Occupational Safety Administration must be vaccinated within 4th January. The court also put a stay order on the requirement of weekly tests and face masks. 

Stay Order On Vaccine Mandate 

Jeff Landry, Attorney general of Louisiana, has informed that this stay order on the vaccine mandate of Joe Biden, US President, has stopped the unlawful overreach that was quickly moving forward. 

This Republican further stated that the US President will no longer be able to enforce medical procedures upon Americans without a legal order. 

Seema Nanda, Labor Solicitor, opined that the Labor Department is very confident that the legal authorities will issue the required emergency standard on testing and vaccination on a temporary basis. 

She also added that the authority to take quick actions during emergencies regarding the workers’ safety and new methods to protect them lies with OSHA. 

These circuit-related decisions usually apply to Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. So far, almost 27 states have filed lawsuits to challenge this rule out of which several were made even strict by judicial appointments by Donald Trump, former US President. 

Biden administration wants to ensure quick vaccination and this delay on vaccine mandate is simply troubling as people must not be allowed to go out untested, unmasked, and unvaxxed. One of the requirements also includes a penalty of almost $14,000 for one violation to ensure more safety. 

Lawrence Gostin, a health expert, said unelected judges without scientific experience must not be given responsibility for vaccine mandate.