DaBaby Called The Police On His Baby Mother While She Fed The Baby


DaBaby has gotten himself into a ton of trouble on social media. The rapper had reportedly tried to kick the mother of his kids out of his house while she was feeding the infant. After failing to do so, he called the police. The nasty argument was entirely caught on video.

DaBaby Risks Social Media’s Ire

DaBaby, the rapper, videoed some parts of the fight between himself and DaniLeigh, the singer, on Sunday. The two have been in an on-and-off relationship for the past couple of years. The singer also gave birth to the rapper’s daughter back in August of this year.

There is not enough shown on the video to correctly deduce the reason behind the altercation. However, at a certain point during the night, DaBaby began to film DaniLeigh while she was nursing the kid in bed. This act seemed to irritate the recent mother.

DaniLeigh can be heard telling DaBaby to stop. She tried to put a pillow in front of the camera too. But the rapper can be seen swiping it away so that the camera will not be obstructed. Then the singer could be seen reaching over and trying to grab the rapper’s camera.

Afterward, DL started filming from her phone. There the police can be seen present at their home, who DL claims were called by DB. DL then rants emotionally for some time, claiming that the rapper was kicking her out of his Los Angeles house. She noted that there was no place for her to go, however, she will try and find what to do next.

On the part of DB, he went on Instagram and tried explaining his point of view. He claims that he was the victim in that case and that the singer was chasing and beating him. So he began filming her to protect himself.

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