Covid-19 Precautions To Hinder New Year’s Eve Celebrations Across The World

New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve

According to recent reports, New Year’s Eve celebrations are going to be a lot different this year. Most cities that turn to massive celebrations on this day to welcome a fresh year are taking several precautions owing to the pandemic crisis.

You can still expect to see the fireworks at midnight but all of that has to be from the comfort of your couch as you bid goodbye to 2020. Some of the major cities that celebrate this eve in style are reportedly replacing traditional firework displays into televised streaming of smaller events.

Coronavirus Restrictions Causes New Year’s Eve Celebrations To Happen Virtually

News from London mentions that the River Thames light and sound firework show that is globally popular has been cancelled this year following Covid-19 protocols. Moreover, owing to the new strain of the coronavirus infecting the UK, England and surrounding places are currently under strict lockdown. The New Year’s Eve show will be a BBC broadcast show that people will be able to enjoy while 2020 ends.

New York is also following in the footsteps of London. None of the events taking place at Times Square at midnight today will be open for public. The traditional celebration has shifted to annual broadcast shows on several streaming platforms.

In Los Angeles, a special New Year’s Eve countdown party will be celebrated virtually. The show is to be hosted by DJ Steve Aoki. Till now, this virtual party has made headlines as the “biggest virtual BYE dance party” to be celebrated on the West Coast.

Other places like Dubai are not restricting physical presence of onlookers but everyone who has recently come from outside the Arab Emirates has to be tested negative before being able to be present for the New Year’s Eve show.

Places like Rio, Sydney, Madrid, Edinburgh, New Orleans and Las Vegas have all cancelled their traditional firework shows and have shifted online keeping in mind the Covid-19 restrictions.