Second Stimulus Check Update After House Passes Bill Of $2000

Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Checks

With the backing of President Trump, House Democrats are looking for boosting the content of the second stimulus check from $600 – $2000. However, the question remains whether the Senate Republicans will go along with it. Even though the bill regarding government funding and a massive COVID relief bill is already signed by President Trump which authorizes the second round of $600 stimulus checks, House Democrats are pushing for direct payments of $2000.The House just passed another bill called the CASH Act which will increase the original amount of the second stimulus check from $600 – $2000.

However, the most bizarre aspect of the political wrangling regarding the stimulus bill is that the congressional Democrats and President Trump appear to be on similar ground. Both demands increased the amount of stimulus checks to $2000.The Democrats didn’t appear to be seeking this higher amount of $2000 until after Trump revealed his objection against the direct payments of $600 in the Coronavirus relief bill. Now the real question is whether the Senate Republicans will go along with the same demand.

Second Stimulus Check For Dependents

With the $600/eligible person base amount of the stimulus check, the Coronavirus relief bill which is a law now provides for an extra $600/child in the family,16 years old or younger than that. If the CASH Act gets enacted, the per-child additional amount will get boosted to $2000.For example, in a family consisting of four people, the second stimulus check would be $8000 instead of $2400.

However, conventional wisdom states that the CASH Act of 2020 will die while going to the Senate. However, Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader, and his fellow Republican colleagues are silent on this idea of getting the amount in the stimulus checks from $600 to $2000.