Cowboys Struggling To Find Their Groove


Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFL. They have a rich legacy which they take pride in. They have won a lot of titles in the past and looked to replicate the feat again. However, one of the major problems with the team has been consistency. Dallas has time and again failed to perform on a consistent basis. This has cost them many seasons. The same looks to be the case in this season as well.

The team started the season well. They had some decent games initially. However, things started falling apart as the season progressed. Dallas struggled to play their natural game which made them slump down the table. However, the team will look to bounce back with some timely reinforcements. 

A couple of Dallas’s main players were compelled to miss the previous matches. Amari Cooper & Ceedee Lamb were out of action for the recent games. Cooper was ruled out after contracting the covid virus. Lamb was unfortunate to suffer a concussion that prevented him from playing. With both the players coming back, the Cowboys will now look to capitalize significantly. 

Cowboys Looking For Better Results 

Cowboys are desperately hoping for a turnaround soon. They are going through one of the worst seasons in history. The inclusion of Cooper and Lamb will surely bolster the team’s offense. Dallas will be playing their next game against the Saints. The team confirmed the return of Amari Cooper in the playing sheet. He was unvaccinated at the time of contracting covid. 

The absence of Cooper & Lamb proved costly for the Cowboys. They lost both their games badly. Dak Prescott was the alternate quarterback. He failed to make a mark as he garnered only 66.6% of completed passes. It remains to be seen how the rest of the season pans out for Dallas.