Chuck Schumer Says US To Target Russian Oligarchs With $33B US Aid Package

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

The US is set to assume the role of Robin Hood, the legendary heroic outlaw who robbed from the rich to help the poor. Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader said that he would move ahead with the request by the federal administration to seize the assets of the Russian oligarchs to fund the war in Europe.

Chuck Schumer said that Ukraine needed all the support and the money seized from the Russian oligarchs would be sent directly to the Ukrainians and would be part of the US $33B aid package. He was speaking at an NYC media briefing.

President Biden has already requested Congress to allow $33B as assistance for Ukraine last Thursday. It would be an intense escalation of NATO funding for the Ukrainians as the war drags on for 2 months. It has raised fears that Europe might be sleepwalking into the Third World War.

Chuck Schumer Says $33b Aid Will Strip Assets Of Wealthy Russians

Schumer said that the inclusion of new provisions would hasten the process of forfeiture for the properties based in the US and owned by the oligarchs. It would allow for rushed reviews in courts as has been demanded by the administration.

Chuck Schumer said that the changes would make it an offense to possess assets knowingly obtained from what he termed as ‘corrupt dealings with the Russians.

President Biden has asked Congress to bring in provisions that will help to seize assets, monetize them, and send the proceeds to Ukraine directly.

Chuck Schumer said that it was time for the Russian oligarchs to be identified and held accountable for the wealth.

The lower house has also signaled its backing to give the administration extra powers to go after the oligarchs. Over a dozen luxury yachts owned by the oligarchs have already been seized, or have been marked for seizure in the future by the various government owing allegiance to NATO.