Criminal Contempt Findings On Steve Bannon Released By Committee Investigating January 6

steve bannon
steve bannon

The house committee that is probing the Capitol riots is expected to go ahead formally to hold Trump’s aide, Steve Bannon in contempt. One of the closest allies of former President Trump, Steve Bannon has refused to cooperate with the Select Committee.

Steve Bannon has instead hidden behind the former President’s rantings regarding privileges. He was scheduled for testimony last Thursday before the committee. His lawyer had informed the committee that his client will not provide documents or testimony until an agreement was reached with Trump over executive privileges or until a court mulls over the matter.

The January 6 committee will adopt a contempt report that has been released. It outlines the efforts made to get Steve Bannon to comply with the subpoena and his refusal.

The move is expected to move on to a vote on the floor unopposed. It marks an important stage in the investigation, with the panel hopeful that the threat of legal action, including jail time, will force more Trump backers to cooperate with the panel.

The report will then be referred for a House vote. If it goes through, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, will certify the report to the US attorney for the District of Columbia. The attorney is then required by law to place the matter for action before the grand jury. The Justice Department will make its determinations for prosecution.

Steve Bannon Could Face Up To 12 Months Imprisonment

Any individual found liable for contempt may face a fine, and up to 12 months in prison, but that rarely happens. The action by the House is seen more as a warning than a solution. Criminal contempt against Steve Bannon could take years and the process is likely to be derailed by acquittals and appeals.

Friday’s response makes it clear that the January 6 panel believes that Steve Bannon’s refusal to comply with the Subpoena is a violation of federal law.