Joe Biden Received A Very ‘Heartfelt’ Letter From Donald Trump Before Leaving White House

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

With the entire country erupting in joy with the prospect of a new administration, President Joe Biden mentioned last Wednesday that Donald Trump had actually left a very heartfelt letter for him before he left the White House. Now, the contents of the letter are pretty private, and Biden hasn’t offered to put it before the public eye. But as far as reports go, the letter did congratulate him on being the next President of the USA, along with a prayer that the administration would take care of the country. Needless to say, both the President and his staff were quite pleasantly surprised at the turn of events. 

Joe Biden Would Share The Message Only After Talking To Donald Trump

Incidentally, this seems to be completely different from the recent behaviour of Donald Trump. From inciting violence in the Capitol to spreading misinformation regarding the election, the previous President seemed to have lost the plot. Also, he refused to cooperate in the many traditions that a President is supposed to participate in. In light of the above, leaving a letter for the new President seems to be a breath of fresh air. 

One of the senior aides of Trump mentioned that the letter to Joe Biden was more of a personal note- which was simply hoping that the new government would keep working for the country. Interestingly, this has been the tradition for quite some decades of the outgoing Presidents to write a note to the successor.

While many would be shocked at Trump following protocol for once and writing something to Joe Biden, it needs to be mentioned that the tradition of leaving a note is something that he has always celebrated. When Obama left him a note, he was so excited that he wanted to call the previous President and thank him for the gesture. Unfortunately, all communication between Obama and Trump took place between aides- with nothing directly.