ctor Lana Wachowski Opens Up At Matrix 4 Premiere: ‘Movie Theaters Have Sustained Me’

Lana Wachowski
Lana Wachowski

It was an epic premiere for Matrix Resurrection, the 4th installment of the blockbuster franchise from the Warner brothers. The premiere at the Bay Area had both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss and a spectacular display of fireworks along the waterfront. Choosing the location for the premiere was Lana Wachowski’s personal decision.

Director Wachowski was moving with her speech as she professed her love for San Francisco and the theater, the historic Castro Theater with its 1,400 capacity.

Lana Wachowski remembered seeing many important movies here. It was 27 years back when as a new filmmaker, it was at the Castro where she had her premiere. It was Bound for Frameline, the LGBTQ film festival.

Lana Wachowski Remembers The City For A Milestone In Her Life

Wachowski spoke of the extraordinary moment. She remembers it as an extraordinary experience in her life. She felt that it would feel nice to return to the city and give back something. It was her way to thank the city for something in the past and infuse some energy. She felt that it was the perfect setting for the premiere of the movie.

The energy there was in plenty, coursing through the entire street outside the Castro theater, and inside. The street was blocked off and the sidewalks were choc-a-bloc with fans who braved the chilly San Francisco night as temperatures hovered around 50F.

The show began as a motorcycle fleet raced down the street, led by a couple of Ducatis. A Benz wagon could be seen inside an expandable pill. Event organizers tossed beanies and other Matrix Resurrections stuff for the frenzied fans.

It was an eagerly awaited event and the excitement was understandable. The Matrix Resurrection arrives around 20 years after the Matrix trilogy transformed the action movie genre. It established Lilly and Lana Wachowski among the top auteurs in the industry. The Matrix, which premiered in 1999, was followed by Reloaded and Revolutions went on to gross over 1.6 billion dollars. For the 4th installment, Lilly stepped aside to let Lana Wachowski to write the storyline with Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell.