The Green Knight Praised For Its Fantastic Storytelling

The Green Knight
The Green Knight

The Green Knight is a much-anticipated release. It portrays the Arthurian times and the stories revolving around it. The film is directed by David Lowery. The lead role is played by Dev Patel. It has dropped its trailer recently and it seemed pretty promising. According to critics, the film could master the box office after its release. 

The Green Knight Promises To Be Epic, Dev Patel Shines 

Lowery has portrayed a classical Arthurian period in his latest project. The cinematography pin pointedly depicts the 14th century. The film narrates the story about the rise and fall of an individual. It can also be compared to a person’s quest to attain redemption. This is a quest that resembled Jesus Christ. 

Special mention has to be given to the storytelling. It is flawless in every aspect. The narrative will have a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. At no point in the film has it felt rushed. A smooth yet intriguing pattern has been maintained. 

The Green Knight has been on point from the very beginning. It opens with the shot of young Gawain inhabiting the throne of King Arthur. He seemed to be waiting to become famous. He wanted his story to be remembered in folklore. The character of Gawain is played by Dev Patel. He seems to be maturing more and more with time. His expressions, subtle adjustments in movements made his character lifelike. He was almost flawless in the portrayal of the character. 

The Green Knight promises to be an epic. Just like the poem, the film is also expected to meet the standards. The display of the contradictions, the obvious natural laws makes this film a treat for the fans. The movie has been praised by all the major critics. It remains to be seen how much it can match the hype. The theatrical release is scheduled to be on July 30.