Jay Z Creates Instagram Account: Beyoncé Becomes One Of His 2.3M Followers Before It Vanishes Again

Jay Z

Jay Z finally has an Instagram account of his own. Within days the rapper had over 2.3 million followers. And the best part of it was that wife Beyoncé had become one of his legions of followers. But then he withdrew his account the next day. 

Jay Z has reciprocated that honor. He follows his wife Beyoncé, the only account that he does, as his verified account shows. Meanwhile, the singer of ‘Lemonade’ picked up 217 million followers on Instagram.

But Beyoncé only follows her husband’s account, the first account she has ever followed.  Unfortunately, Jay Z deleted his account within a day without giving any reason.

Jay Z’s action left fans confused. He once created an account in 2015 to post a message wishing Michael Jackson a very happy birthday. He wished the late King of Pop, accumulated 100,000 followers, and then added that it would be his last post.

Jay Z Deletes His Instagram Account For The Second Time Within Hours

Jay Z deleted that account 24 hours later, as he said he would. 6 years later, he has done just that again. It has again confused fans.

Earlier fans went wild when he rejoined the platform on November 3 after several years. He created his account named @jayZ It appears to have been saved precisely for him.

His follower count on Instagram quickly shot up to 1.9M within hours. Then he uploaded a post which turned out to be a promotional poster for The Harder They Fall, his upcoming movie produced by him.

Jay Z also included a countdown leading to the release of the movie on Netflix.

During his brief stay, he followed just one person, Beyoncé, his wife. His wife reciprocated the gesture by following him. This is the first time that her following total has gone above zero. Now Beyoncé is back to having no one to follow.

It appears that he created the Instagram account just to spread the buzz of his film. He certainly succeeded in that. His brief stay has led to hilarious memes on the internet. One shows him trying to understand a way to use the social app.

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