Dakota Fanning And Denzel Washington Reunite After 18 Years

Dakota Fanning

Photos from the set of The Equalizer 3 show Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning together again.

Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua’s 2014 film The Equalizer marked the beginning of a new film series starring Washington. Reviews of his first cinematic appearance as Robert McCall were mixed, but the movie nonetheless earned approximately $200 million for Sony Pictures throughout the globe.

Studios waited four years before releasing The Equalizer 2, the sequel to Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer, and the film received much the same reviews and box office receipts as its predecessor. There will be a third installment of The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington and directed by Antonie Fuqua, and it will be released in September 2023.

Dakota Fanning And Denzel Washington Have Begun Shooting Equalizer 3

One of the most fascinating developments in the making of the threequel concerned the actors cast beside Denzel. Even though Dakota Fanning has joined the cast of The Equalizer 3, her character’s specifics remain a mystery. The fact that Dakota Fanning had previously worked with Denzel in one of Tony Scott’s greatest films, 2004’s Man on Fire, contributed to the film’s buzz upon her hiring.

In that movie, Denzel’s character and Dakota’s character formed a close bond because of their shared experience working as bodyguards. Despite having fantastic chemistry on-screen, Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning never collaborated again. Sony has published images of the cast and crew of The Equalizer 3 to celebrate the beginning of production.

In these, 18 years after the release of Man on Fire, Denzel Washington, and Dakota Fanning were seen reuniting in a series of images. Some pictures also include new cast member Gaia Scodellaro and director Antoine Fuqua. With no more space to develop their characters or work together in Man on Fire, Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning are well suited to reunite for The Equalizer 3.