Kris Jenner Wants Her Ashes To Be Turned Into Necklaces For Her 5 Daughters

Kris Jenner

On the latest episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Kris Jenner revealed some unusual details about how she wants to go out.

The Kardashian matriarch has said that she desires cremation and that her ashes be used to create jewelry for her children and grandchildren.

Kris, 66, had hip replacement surgery after months of excruciating discomfort, and the couple made their last desires known at this time. While resting next to her other daughter Khloe, 38, Kris made the revelation to Kylie during a phone call: “Kim wanted the doctor to keep my bones so she could create jewelry out of them.”

Kris Jenner Has Her Dying Wish Ready

Kylie agreed, saying it would be “strange,” while Kris elaborated that she thought it was “scary.”

And then Khloe spoke up and reminded her mother, “Remember when you wished your ashes, you desired that you be cremated and fashioned into necklaces for us?” Khloe said on camera, “My family and I, we speak about wills, death, and we tell each other what our desires would be if anything bad were to happen.” Even if I am in a coma, I have stipulated in my will that I still have my nails done once a week since I expect visitors.

Kris then remarked that since they had such a big family, their vacation spot would seem more like a “club.” Can you picture being plagued by the Kardashians?” Kris said in another confession. “This is a fantastic story!

Earlier in the episode, Kris Jenner had hip replacement surgery to alleviate the pain she had been feeling; her children were understandably concerned about her, saying things like, “Surgery is incredibly terrifying. As the family spokesperson, Kim told the cameras, “I am low-key freaking out because it is taking so long.

Kris Jenner is doing well after her transplant.

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